I have just released a new update to Zipit which comes with a cool new feature.

The latest release now allows you to create “backup profiles”. These profiles allow you to determine what files/folders are backed up and which ones will be excluded. This makes Zipit much more flexible for those with larger sites. You can use the profiles to simply exclude your cache or logs. You can also setup a profile to exclude all files by certain extensions such as .zip, .iso, etc.

Another way this can be used is to segment your backups. So if your entire site is over 4gb you can setup profiles for specific “pieces” of your site.

The new “backup profile” feature will work for on-demand and scheduled backups and is backwards compatible with previous versions of Zipit (since v3.0). The default backup is a full backup (lib, logs, web). So if you have previously setup any scheduled backups with a previous version of ZIpit you will need to update them if you want to leverage the “backup profile” options.

Regards, Jereme Hancock
Cloud Sites Support
Automation Admin