New Cloud Sites Cron Backup Script

Author: John

I have recently released a new script to help Cloud Sites customers easily setup scheduled backups.

The script includes a simple web installer to help setup all the necessary API files and configure the backup script for the domain/database.

Hopefully this will be useful to those looking to backup their Cloud Sites to Cloud Files.

Regards, Jereme



Zipit Updates!

Author: John

I have just released a major updated to Zipit! This version not only takes advantage of the new Open Cloud PHP bindings it also has many improvements that should help with the timeout issues that customers have been reporting.

Also this version includes a Settings tab that allows you to modify the configuration settings for Zipit from the GUI as well as a version checking system which will make it easier to find out about new versions of Zipit.

Again you can get the updated version. Just use the zipit-install.php to update to the latest version.

If anyone experiences any issues please let me know.