Gpasteitin II

Author: John

While I am not a big believer in using copy/paste when it comes to tech support, I do find that such a tool can be very useful for certain snippets of code/text that you do not need to change.

For those of us on Linux we have often used gpasteitin here: http://code.google.com/p/gpasteitin/

This tool was built by a fellow Racker and has been very useful. However, many of us have had issues with getting it running due to missing python packages and such. So I have decided to fork the project. Initially this is just going to be a way to get things working for everyone. Eventually I may begin to cut my python teeth and see about adding some features and what not.

You can get the latest version here: https://github.com/jeremehancock/gpasteitin_II



Zipit Backup Utility Now Automated!!

Author: John

I am very happy to announce that I have updated the Zipit Backup Utility to allow for automation via a Cloud Sites Scheduled Task (cronjob).

I have also added a new forum post over at the Cloud Sites forum on the Rackspace Forums.